Coalition of Relief Approach

These top tips were developed by the Coalition of Relief, a large group of grass roots organisations which supports people who live on the streets. This is how they want to help.

1. Show respect, they are human beings.

2. Educate yourself and your children on the reasons for becoming homeless and the correct places to signpost for immediate help and support.

3. Get in touch and volunteer with local charities or groups already in place to help the homeless.

4. Rather than giving to people begging, donate money to groups who help and provide services, without giving it them directly as resources are more evenly spread out and it’s a long standing service to help them continuously not just on that occasion.

5. Clothes, food, sanitary items and other donations should also be resourced to local groups as for fair equal sustained distribution.

6. Furniture and basic housing goods are an excellent way to help sustain a more long term environment to people recently re-homed.

7. Volunteer yourself for personal long term support to help maintain focus on re-establishing ordinarily social mobility, once people have been re-homed.

8. Use trade skills/support sector skills/business experience to recruit local business in partnering with local charity’s and groups and offer wider joint support.

9. Empower and encourage; empathy is more useful than pity recent studies have shown people are more likely to stay off the streets if they are given the opportunity to have power and responsibility themselves to control their own lives.

Big Change Rochdale